Opened in 1927 the Memorial Hall is dedicated to the memory of the men of Acaster Malbis who lost their lives, and those who served, during the First World War.

Built by public subscription, on land donated to the village by the former West Riding, it was formally opened in 1927. The dedication to the memory of those who served in the First World War is recorded on the enamelled bronze plaque in the main hall, and on our History page.

The building has been used by the community throughout its 96 years; and was fully renovated as a Millennium project, so that it now comprises a large well-lit main hall, with modern facilities.

The Acaster Malbis Memorial Institute has been a charity since the 1960s and is managed by a group of volunteer trustees from the village on behalf of both the village and a wide range of users from the wider community.

The main hall measures 11.5m x 10m at its widest and can accommodate groups of between 20 and 50 with comfort.